CUte Girl Showing her Boob Part 3

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I said to him, “Move away, it is my turn now!”.Quickly I got down on my knees, knelt down and bend enough to see the mesmerizing beauty of my nake... mother. I could not believe my eyes. She looked so different without any clothes on her. Her body was completely wet, her figure was extremely curvy and there were water droplets all over her body making her even sexier. I did not bother to blink as I did not want to waste even a second on this beautiful visual experience.Both of us were seeing the. Hikes, picnics, Easter egg hunts, whatever; she always seemed to have a good time.The BBQ was winding down and Barbara was helping with the clean up. My dad and I were flaking off with a couple of beers supervising the women as they worked. He looked at me and told me " Barbara is the pick of the litter. She will always have your back and be a rock to lean on." You met Donna," I said to Dad, "What do you think about her?" This is gonna piss you off, but remember you asked. Donna is the type. That day he laid me over the back of his chair and spread my legs far apart and began to finger my ass. It felt good feeling his finger go deep up my ass. As he finger fucked my ass he also swatted my ass cheeks and that was also a turn on. He then filled my ass hole with a gel and then began to slip his cock in me. At first I thought he was ripping my ass in two but soon as he got in me it felt so good and then he began to fuck my ass hard. I loved when he shot me full of cum. He told me men. But he was also someone who would spank my bare ass for the slightest bending of a rule. He also loved to swat my ass as I walked by sometimes with his hands but anything would do. I got welts from a CB antenna.After telling me a life changing story my grandmother took me home. Once I got home my mother waxed the hair from my pussy an ass. Then she and my grandmother left. My mother ‘s last words to her virgin daughter was Put on the baby blue bra and thong and walk into the living room and.

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