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So, Dana asked Steve if they could smoke some weed, instead. Steve thought about it and decided, why not? It would be a good way to get to know his ne... “sister”. Steve had heard of a place in town where you could buy pot. It was in an old building just off the state highway. It used to be a gas station, but now it is a seedy pool hall. Not the kind of place he would ever go on his own, but the only place he thought he could score some pot. He asked Dana what she thought. “Why not try? What. It was not difficult given the playing and teasing that we had each enjoyed. The problem was keeping me from going over the edge. Guys are like that! We can cum very quickly and without much notice. Just a little too much, and on the edge turns quickly to over the edge, and there is no way of stopping the streams of cum that follow. I had some advantage. I could see and tell when Sarah was about to lose all control and climax. And I could often keep her at that point by controlling what I was. "The percolator started issuing its Columbian finest so I started layingout the cups, "Neither, I wore my black skirt, the full circle one and atulle petticoat." You were going dancing?" No but those skirts also qualify as smart casual, summer evening wear orleg flashers in a jive or Latin American."She grinned, "I know I've seen you dancing in them. Go on what sort oftop and did you go braless, you can with a figure like yours." No, I'm not a tart, I wore a basque." And stockings, I bet."I. She would then whisper into my ear what all she brought for me. Her speciality was Country chicken gravy and that was when I would spring up to life. It was my favorite when combined with Idli for breakfast. This is how my touching story started taking a fairly good flow.Vacations proved to become a plethora of such ample samples. We always had guests during vacations as our closer blood relatives would also come and stay with us at our ancestral home and it was full time bliss at the village...

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