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It's a little embaressing." Jackie scooted her chair closer to her son. "Okay what happened? You can tell mommy, don't be embaressed." Michael:"My tes...icles are swollen, and they hurt. And I didn't get much sleep because of it." Jackie thought to herself 'he couldn't possibly have blue balls because of last night.' and then she said "Ok honey, let mommy see." Michael scooted back on his chair as his mom pulled his boxers down. He forgot to mention that his erection hadn't gone away since their. No need to strip here in the foyer. When you're done, join us at the dinner table." Michael offered.Diane took my hand, not bothering to sllow for any protest by me, and made her way to the bathroom. Once inside, I asked "are you sure?" But she was already kicking off her shoes and pulling off her shorts. "Of course. We wanted to do this at some point in our lives, and here's a chance to expierment with it without the kids here. Now get your clothes off." I went along, half because I could. ..” I begun again, “How bout that drink?” I asked.“I'll come with you” she said taking her weight off of the car which I presumed to be either her's or her boyfriends.We made our way inside the large house, it greeted us with a rush of freezing air that had been produced by the Air-con that had been running all day to fiend off the heat.When we got to the kitchen I heard another two cars rock up, car doors opening and slamming shut and people talking just outside the house, on the road.I. Normally I would have been a bit more subtle, but the way she kept teasing me on the ride down, rubbing the old trouser-dragon meant we were barely in the door, and I had stripped off the bikini I bought her and had her on the bed, pounding away. My pace picked up a bit; she was rolling her hips with me now. “I think you – baby! – are getting used to being my – mmph.. Girl…” I told her.Her juices were making his cock slide with that ‘sh-lap sh-lap’ sound, and she had to admit he was right.

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