“OMG!, Mmm” I mumbled as the sweet musky aroma filled my head, I couldn’t resist giving her bulging cameltoe a quick lick, she grabbed my head a... my tongue hit the button.It was time to swap and I was graced with Lisa’s slightly damp mound, it was obvious Mike had been busy with his tongue so I wasted no time in following suit, her pussy was warm through the cotton fabric of her shorts, the sweet musky smell was making my head spin as my tongue slowly licked up her slit, she responded by. ”I climbed onto the bed behind her. I pushed her shoulders down with her facing away from me. Her ass was raised to me. I reached between her legs. Her pussy was soaked.“Please Joey. Fuck me. I have to have you in me.” I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. Pam whimpered. Her back arched. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, damn it!”I pushed my cock deep between the wet folds of her pussy. Her head looked up in sheer pleasure. I slowly moved out and back in again.“Oh god, harder,” she begged.. It was early afternoon and the sun felt so good on my skin. I walked a ways looking to my left into the loafing shed where eyes, adjusting to the dark, made out the herd, or part of it anyway. They would be slowly gathering for late afternoon milking. I remembered the day when I’d seen Lilly in the shadows and her new friendship had saved me from my incredible fears. I fell in love with her almost instantly, my first ever love and with a naked girl too.My penis spurt in a jerk just thinking. I have no energy, I feel unmotivated, apathetic. I keep setting aside time to work but I just stare at it until I get distracted. I don't go out, I haven't been cooking at all. I just eat cereal and microwave dinners and watch reruns of 90s sitcoms and listen to the same albums over and over and play video games. I haven't seen my friends in a while. I just don't know what I have in common with them anymore. I mean with anyone really-- uuhn."Martin grunted. He looked down at his lap to see his.

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