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“Copy that,” Spencer confirms. “Thanks.”He gets onto 54th and the truck comes into view. He speeds up, closing the distance at a remarkable pa...e. When Spencer gets close to the truck, the doors of the trailer swing open. Two men with automatic rifles open fire at him. The bullets soar past him, hitting asphalt and newsstands and other cars. He jinks left and right to avoid being hit. Then pulling his gun Spencer returns fires on the two men. Instantly he hits one, causing the man to lunge. If she stopped him now, he would be coming at her time after time. No, let the man finish what he has to say, and then tell him no. It?s easier this way. ???? "I am listening." ???? "Thank you; it?ll only be a minute. We've been working on profiles of Chicago's up-and-coming women. We picked one in different professions: a teacher, an investment banker, a chef, and so on. My editor asked for a police detective, and I thought you would make a perfect candidate. Particularly now, when there is a. Ya! Even I like him very much! From then we are friends. And we stated to chat very often.We even can share our personals. After! Few days. She wanted to join the gym and she asked me which gym is better in our locality. I suggested my friends gym. And she asked me to come along for the joining formalities. And am ok with it. That was the first time we met personally. I took her to the gym and while returning back I stopped my vehicle at a restaurant and i asked her to join with me. We ordered. I hope this is okay… I don’t go out much, really, and you never said where we were going to eat,” she said. Her deportment was one of apprehension and embarrassment. She was ashamed of her trailer and her station in life.“You look fine, Maggie. I thought we would go to Barron’s. Their steaks are really hard to beat!” I told her. She smiled and we left for the restaurant.After a nice dinner and conversation, we headed back to her trailer. I was sensing that she was nervous about how the good.

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