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"Well, I'm still trying to decide what to do." Why don't we both think of something?" Okay" Wanna play truth or dare?" you ask."Sure," she answers. "I...ll go first. Truth or dare?" Truth," you answer.Miranda pauses for a moment, thinking of a good question."Okay, I got one," says Miranda. "Have you ever kissed a girl?"Yes, of course I have.", you say."Who was the lucky one?", Miranda tries not to laugh."I can't tell you, I promised to keep it a secret", you reply."Wow, you must be a very bad. “Give me another kiss,” I lifted Xiomara’s chin and made my demand. She beamed and let me tug her tight against me as I kissed the hell out of her. My tongue glided between her lips to find her teeth. She started to open her mouth, teasing the tip of my tongue. She stepped away as soon as Suzi spider-walked her fingertips from Xiomara’s shoulder to mine.“Hi,” She smiled and reached for my hand. I didn’t move right away, Xiomara laid my hand in Suzi’s.“Don’t you dare break his heart,” Xiomara. He was fully naked in front of me now. “Time for dad to inspect his boy,” I said as I grabbed his cock tightly in one hand. There was a drop of precum on the end of his cock that was standing so hard and proud. I licked it off and took the head of his cock in my mouth for inspection. He moaned, “AW fuck dad that feels so damned good.” I did not think he would last long as inexperienced as he was. My decision, see how quickly I could suck the boy off. Turning him, I placed him on the side of the. ”That set me off again, my own plans for a family bubbling to the surface. We wept to each other for a while and then we calmed down and talked about what Jamie had told her. It matched what I already knew, which was that all my college friends had known. It turns out that a surprising number of the spouses were involved too. Then again, most of them had met in college. I had a list of all the ones that knew from what Jamie had told her, and a shorter list of the ones that didn’t. I told her.

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