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She squeezes it through his boxers and gently strokes it up and down.Then as though someone had flipped a switch, she breaks free of his embrace and h...rriedly retreats to her bedroom. Logan pours himself a cup of coffee and sits down at the table. He slowly sips his coffee and congratulates himself on his progress. Thirty minutes later, Logan hears the front door open and close. He walks into the front room in time to see his Mom drive away in the family car. He turns to find Becky standing. “You wonder about the nature of our relationship, yes?”He couldn’t deny that he was worried about exactly that; it hadn’t occurred to him until their morning ride that perhaps she wasn’t interested in him for reasons that had nothing to do with his family or his character. “Well...”She was silent for a moment, and he felt sick. Had he made assumptions he shouldn’t have? Had he offended her by asking?She finally responded. “Marjolaine and I were lovers. But that’s been over for years, now, and. Her mum Angela - my new wife - leant over, flipping through pictures of my blonde, pale pink step-daughter sandwiched between two or three black boys, all hung like horses."I hope they didn't hurt you baby girl - they look huge"."It's OK luv, I made sure they didn't go in too deep"."You were there" I gasped - the full realisation gradually sinking in."Of course stupid” replied Debbie “Mum was doing the filming, when she wasn't actually on her knees servicing Bill. After I told him the story. Topless diners jiggled appealingly wobbling in the unfamiliar shoes. Ned loved watching it. Upstairs, students were studying and lounging much like the other facility houses. Each one stopped what they were doing, stood to face him and greeted Ned politely. The Academy taught that courtesy was a welcome trait in any situation. This situation of repetitive frontal nudity on display was starting to work on Ned. Luckily, it was almost noon and he could leave with his transportee for the overnight.

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