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Something I would probably prefer to avoid. Something that no doubt meant trouble somewhere down the line."I have taken a special interest in you, Jon...than Enoch."Oh shit!She paused again. I didn't say anything."First, we must test your suitability for rendering certain services. Remove your clothing. All of it."I was standing there with my arms wrapped around my chest, shivering. My shirt, pants, and underwear, and socks lay on the chair, folded neatly."Come here. Bend forward. Yes, over the. You are not empty till now…still hard..Then drink mamma’s milk beta, you will get energy to fuck your mom. I immediately took her nipple in my mouth and sucked. She was shaking her hips to match my movement. In out in out…Few min later I feel something boiling in my balls.I: mamma I’m coming, where to come? Inside or outside.Mom: of course in my pussy beta. Fill your mom with your seed. I’m to eager to feel your jet spray in my womb. In 5 years i forgot how it feels when lund sprays in pussy.. Instinctively I ran and grabbed the plunger from my bathroom and followed her into her apartment… There was water all over the floor and seemed to continually flow from the bowl. I grabbed for the valve and turned it off, then began plunging. It took several tries but with a final pull the suction seemed to break the clog loose. I stepped back. “There, you’re in business again”. She looked down at the wet floor. Then took a towel from the rack and dropped it into the pool of water, knelt down. Her language was filthy. Rob was wiping his face of her juice. Dawn’s mouth was wide as she began to ride the massive prick and Dave wasted no time. His prick was only short and he straddled Tom and shot a load into her mouth. She clamed onto him and sucked the massive load into her mouth and on the film you can see the amount when she pulls back. Rob just bent down and kissed her and you know she’s sharing it with him. When they separated she turned to the guys. “What the fuck are you doing?”.

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