Having fun with my Desi gal.

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You're a member of British antiterrorism unit Delta Red, a genetically altered clone of dictator-wannabe Bison, one of the strongest women in the worl...... and you're presently enjoying some enforced downtime from your work. Sure, Delta Red are practically your family at this point, and you love working with them, but you can't plow into danger face-first every day. The organization makes you take a few months off each year... and this seemed like a good way to burn a few weeks.The small. She did it again. Then she said, “I have...three...more of those for you.” And she pissed in my mouth three more times, me swallowing after each, reveling in a fetish being realized. “Very good,” she said. “Some people think they’re up for that but react badly to the reality. You’re a natural.”For weeks after I revisited that moment while masturbating. One thing I really appreciated is that she wanted me to drink all of her piss, and directly from her. I don’t like porn where the piss just runs. He pumped me in doggy for at least 5 mins and he was a guy who knew how to please. His hands were squeezing my bums and my boobs, with the occasional slap on my ass cheeks. Then he pulled out and made lie face down on the bed with legs wide and he parted my ass cheeks and pushed his dick all the way in, in one stroke. Again it was long strokes and he was hitting his balls on my ass. I pulled the sheet and bit into it to stop my self from moaning. Suddenly he again pulled out and turned me over. "The restaurant was packed," she said. "They let quite a few people stay there all night. It's a good thing that they do their own baking or there wouldn't have been anything left to eat."Mom sat in the chair and I sat on the bed as we enjoyed the delightful fresh baked goods and the hot coffee. I've never had a more delicious breakfast. "The highway is still closed, but they're working on it now that the rain has finally stopped," Mom reported. "They said that it would be about noon before it.

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