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Was this why I had dressed so provocatively this morning, to get this kind of reaction from Bill?Bill handed me a bourbon and Coke, and instead of cha...ging right away, I sat down at the kitchen table with him and Irene. She had her back to the kitchen and I sat down next to Bill."How was your day?" Irene managed to say."Oh, pretty routine, nothing special," I said, "How was yours?"Irene just chuckled a little, almost like she didn't understand the question. She got up to start putting dinner on. “Go.” Terry grumbled. “I’ll let you off the hook, this one time.”I got to work, five minutes early. My phone rang.“Mom. He’s taking a shower.” Stace reported.“How’s your dad?”“He’s up, but not happy. Terry told him to make me breakfast.”I imagined our nemesis cramming himself into our tiny stall of a shower. I feared his weight might crack the catch basin.She hung up before I could ask if she was all right. Of course she wasn’t, but a mother has to ask, no matter how stupid the situation.I. Her skin tingled under the touch of his fingers and she could feel moist welling up between her pussy lips. Then she let out a yelp with his first smack against her tush. He caressed her skin for a short while, then smacked her again and continued with shorter pauses between them. She moaned and cried as he increased her spanking, heating up her whole body while her tush burned up under his hot hands. Her whole pussy throbbed with every shock wave sent through her sensitive flesh. She pressed. I find myself erotically rocking back and forth on my knees, losing myself to all the stimulations. The bubbles swoosh around me, some bursting with my oscillations.After a few deep breaths, I roll back over onto my back, lifting my hips to float in the water. These waterproof sex toys are genius. Kudos to their inventor, no doubt a female. You know it's probable. Oh y'all, the combination of a calming bath with stimulating toys is hypnotic. I am slipping away.Soaking. Writhing. Moaning..

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