Hi Abigail here, Im british white girl and find...

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I watch mesmerised as Chris, the man licking my cunt puts a hand on my man’s erection and softly teases it with his fingertips while licking my cunt... He is no longer licking me, he is slurping as he is edging me to a huge orgasm while I watch. “Your man has a huge erection. Would you like to watch me blow him?,” he asks as he inserts a finger into me. “Would you? I really want to.”Instead of trying to answer, I can’t speak anyway with the other man’s erection between my lips, my whole body. I listened as she read me the riot act, said only that it was important in my defense, and went to my room. She just glared at me the rest of the night."Do you have any idea what time it is?" I said when I answered the phone."Don't know. Don't care," came the voice of the girl I loved."It's eight." Don't know. Don't care. Do know that Mom had to go to work until this afternoon. And I'm in bed, and I'm lonely."The last six words worked better than a bucket of ice water. "Five," I said and hung. Please call us if your wife comes home or if you get any strange phone calls." Captain, can this be kept quiet?" Senator, your committee appropriates the money for our salary. We know how to work with our government. No one will know anything about this if your wife is Ok. This is my card, call me if you need me for anything."Bob Parsons sat down in his favorite chair in the living room and watched the clock. He occasionally got up and checked to see if the phone was working or to look outside. Thank goodness it was Friday, and the start of her weekend. All Eve wanted was to get home, pour a glass of wine, relax, sit in front of the fireplace, and just drink the night away. But, her week of challenges still continued as she walked from her office to her car eight blocks away.By the second block, it had started to rain, by the third block, it had started to pour in buckets. With no rain coat or umbrella, her clothes were soaked through by the time she got to her car. Disgusted, she.

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