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...I took a seat around a small table in the soft chairs and he sat opposite me. I again took of my jacket and even in the dim light he could see my ...reasts. He kept telling me how sexy I looked. A group of 4 men came into the bar, obviously after a liquid dinnner. They were laughing and sat not to far from us. As our drinks came I turned toward my husband and let my short skirt rise a little.....and parted my legs ever so slightly. He of course looked at my legs and suddenly realized I. I think Toni like what she saw. After a couple of minutes of kissing and stroking, she stood up and moved in front of me, as I sat on the sofa. I put my hands on her body around the waist area, and enjoyed the feel of her bodyheat, the smell of her perfume, and her sexy appearance.I moved my hands slowly lower, and then to her crotch, and then I could feel her hard cock, beneath her net panties. She removed the slip-type top, and then I could see her hardness too. I was so pleased she seemed a. Had it really been just over a year ago, since he had been working on the injectors with a son by his side, who was three times his age? T'Pol would probably meditate the whole night over this, he thought."Son," he said with a sigh and shook his head in frustration. "Forget it, this engine is toast." I was afraid, you'd say that," he answered and Trip was still not completely used to see a scowl on the face of someone, who looked Vulcan; at least mostly. The rounded eyebrows looked distinctly. Most of his crew was there, and surprisingly members of several other pirate crews. He noticed a muscular Togar, just like him in a prisoner control suit. Sitting on a plastic material bench across him, waiting to be seen by registration. Just like his, the suit had bonded with the bench and inhibited pretty much any movement.“I am not so good keeping Togar apart, but aren’t you Captain Lemakr?”“I was until I ran into a Union Battleship, that knew I was coming. Now I am Lemakr, the prisoner.

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