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"Jackie, you're pregnant, aren't you?" Julie asked as she turned towards Jackie and looked her straight in the eyes."Yes, Julie, I am. How did you kno...?" Jackie, you know how women glow and definitely have a different appearance when there's a baby growing in their belly. I could tell you were pregnant a couple of weeks ago. It really turns me on, Jackie, to know that my little girl's teacher is expecting a baby," Julie said."It turns you on – like sexually. You're aroused because you know I'm. Muze ye ajib lga kyunki me unki respect krta tha. Mene mere kpde liye aur bathroom me jake pehen liye. Dinbhar dimag me ek hi bat chal rahi thi aur aunty ki vo kamuk najar yad aa rahi hi. Me 5 baje ghar louta fresh hua aur darvaje par khada tha.Thodi der bad aunty kuch kam se bahar aayi aur unhe mausi se kuch kam tha to unhe hmare ghr me ana tha me darvaje pe khada tha unhe andar ana tha me vahi khada raha aur aunty andar aane ke liye aage badhi me thoda side hua par fir bhi unke boobs mere. I like my job and I've never been a clock watcher. But this day it seemed like the hands on the clock were moving in slow motion. I thought that quitting time would never come but I finally got off work and hurried home.As soon as I entered the house one of the things that Evan did to Kat today was instantly obvious. She was sporting brand new gold rings in her nipples and the little hood over her clit!She stood near the door, smiled and asked, "Do you like my new jewelry?"I wasn't sure. I. She had hoped Brad would’ve been the one to find it but at least someone had. She tensed suddenly at the thought and furrowed her brow. Wait. Why hadn’t Matt just given it to Brad in the first pla-? Her thoughts were cut off and she froze when she heard a voice. ‘Yo! Dude! You down there?’ The hair on her neck stood up. Brad. What was he doing there? She shot Matt a confused look but he just shrugged at her and looked away. ‘Yeah, bro! Come on down. Just packing it up now.’ Rachel sat.

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