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"Enough now Robin. Lick my thighs. Keep your head down, just lick..." Ilicked up and down each thigh, and they were very muscular - she mustwork out a...l the time, I thought. Then I felt her pulling me up andpushing my face into her panties. "Smell, Robin, breathe through yournose. Get right in, sniff. Is this what you want? What do you need,Robin, is it this? Is it me?"It certainly didn't smell like an aroused woman, it was more...musky,earthy. More primal, if that makes sense. She pulled me. I had on my new short red dress without a bra, black stockings and thong. Not dressing like this normally, I was uncomfortable about wearing it showing off my long legs and C-cup boobs with my nipples protruding from under the material. Geri being taller was in black mini skirt and sheer pink blouse with a black bra on under it. We also both had on black stilettos. Mine wasn't as high as Geri's because they were a new trend at that time and I was afraid I couldn't walk in them. Her outfit. “For fuck’s sake, Annie, why aren’t you asleep?” “I couldn’t sleep for all your wanking! Keep it down, can’t you?” “Jesus, Annie, can’t you leave it alone?” “Hey Matt, don’t let me stop you. And I bet I know what you were thinking about too! Sally looked awesome in that little bikini this afternoon.” There was a bit of a silence. “And what if I was?” he answered. “There’s no law against it.” I giggled. “No law against wanking, no. And no law against doing other stuff, either.” “What the fuck. ‘That was some party last night’ I said, ‘I haven’t been that d***k in ages, yet I don’t feel too bad, you?’ ‘Not too bad’ she replied as she was doing something on her phone with it’s light illuminating her massive breasts making it more of a focus for me as we talk in bed. As we are chatting we are both enjoying relaxing together and I can tell that Penny is seeing that I am eyeing her boobs to the point when it’s about to become a talking point. We are both cosied up under the duvet with.

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