Asian Fast Paced Dance

I almost thought I heardthe same come from my wife, but I’m sure it was one ofthe men suckling at her tits.Then he began the journey out again a...d slowly pulled awet shiny pole from her pussy that looked bigger thanwhen it went in! As soon as the enormous purple headpopped out, he lined it up and thrust it back in – – slowand steady but smoother than the first time. He continuedhis actions and each time went a little faster, a littlesmoother, setting up a comfortable rhythm.I. “Suck it Ronny boy. Suck my cock. I am so close” and then with a loud groan he spilt his cum deep in Ron’s throat. “Swallow” Willie shouted as his body shook “take it all”. Ron was gagging and cum spilled from his mouth and down his chin. “So fucking good” moaned Willie. “Promise you wouldn’t tell” begged Melissa. “I promise” said Willie “now get dressed and get out Ronny boy”. Ron dressed in record time and disappeared.Willie sat on bed and he and Melissa laughed. “Did you see the look on his. So we've been training together ever since. That night at the dance, he figured out what the deal was with Shahia from what you said — he got it pretty much nailed too. Anyway, he kept his mouth shut, like he said he would, but when you blew it open last week, he held his own class meeting and told them all. Here, look!"She showed pulled out a card from her bundle of stuff, and showed him. It was a big A4-size card with a note and signature from at least two hundred people, all in very tiny. When she stiffened and began to whimper more anxiously, I saw Ronnie lower her head and suck the nipple, and while Martha's cunt tightened around my cock and she got closer to her release I whispered to Martha, "So wicked... so wicked to fuck you like this... watching you cum," and Martha's head arched back, and she whispered "oh god," her lips hardly moving. Then Martha came, her body stiff, hips raised, eyes shut tight, her hand in Ronnie's hair trembling. For a long time she came and her.

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