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Maybe I can find someone who would be happy to give you the practice. Trust me, it’ll be fun!”Jan’s comment stuck in my head for days afterward....The idea began to appeal to me.The next few months found me dressed as a female most of the time. Mom and Jan gave me pointers to improve my appearance. I wore guys' clothes only when the circumstances required it. With some practice, my voice was able to emulate that of a real female.Many women say they can’t wait to come home and take off their bras.. I bent over, and while I massaged her sided, and very, very, very gently started kissing along her lower spinal cord, just above her panty line. She exhaled HARD! Since I was basically on her side, I moved my right hand to her upper leg (Back side) and rubber her left shoulder with my left hand, and kissed along her spinal cord. She started moaning. I knew I was getting to her. I also knew I was running out of time to get back to work. I went back up her leg to her butt area, and kissed higher. Thats when i notice someone standing next to me and to my delight its you.summoning up some courage fuelled with a few beers i think what the hell iv'e nothing to loose i move even closer and because the bar is so noisey whisper in your ear whats your name and telling you mine,then you do the sameto me putting your mouth to my ear to tell me.The tingle from your lips brushing sensously against my ear brings back immediently the raging erection that had subsided but was now back with a vengence. Shaking his head, he said in a low voice, "This could be bad: very, very bad."His English was good and Samir said that he'd translate for me as quickly as he could so that I was fully aware of what was going on and could answer when directed to.The trial judge banged his gavel three times again, and all eyes followed his to the opposite side of the room as a side door slowly opened. The crowd gasped as a woman dressed in traditional garb led a small, young girl towards the table next to me on.

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