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” He turned to look at Irillith. “If we were actually able to reach the dreadnought undetected, are you confident you could hack through a Progeni...or’s network defences?”The Maliri faltered, her expression wavering with sudden doubt. “I’m not sure ... I haven’t had a chance to practice against the sentinels yet.”“Which means we’d probably have to break in by force. There’s a few ways we could tear a hole through the hull, but we’d instantly lose the element of surprise if we tried any of them.”. The idea of him ravaging her turned her on even more. She ached for him to fuck her. She got off him, and got on her hands and knees. She barked at him to ‘Get up. You’re going to fuck me. Don’t talk. Just fuck.’‘Yes Mistress’, he replied.Still a little taken aback by her attitude, he complied with her command. He placed his cock at her cunt and started fucking. He couldn’t understand the sudden domineering mood, but he did like it. He loved her. He trusted her. He enjoyed the idea of letting. I boarded the Ship which was massive the whole thing was quite impressive, we set sail at 6pm, after a very nice dinner I had a wander around the ship I decided to have an early night as I was worn outThe next morning we arrived in Helsinki in Finland, as I had previously worked for a large consortium in Helsinki, I chose to stay on board and just relax and familiarise myself with the ship, and getting to know where everything was.Most of the passengers left the ship on organised day trips so. We accepted being caught as her mom quietly walked over to us. Not sure what to expect Sue buried her face next to mime away from her approaching mother. I could feel a tear drip on my cheek knowing she must have been humiliated to have her mom find her in this compromising position. Her breath warmed my ear and neck while her arms held me tight.I was occupied with my hunger for Sue any fear of being caught was overpowered by my pubescent feelings for Sue. Her nude body against mine I lay on my.

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