Looking up close at this cheerleader with no panties

'Maybe he'll jerk off to me later tonight...' That thought made my stomach jump and sent a chill through my body, starting in my shoulders and settlin... in the pit of my stomach, seeming to slowly seep like a set of warming fingers inching into my pussy. "Would it help if I removed my shorts?" I asked, as I arched my hips up from the raft and began sliding the denim down my legs. As my shorts passed beyond my ass, I felt Victor's engorged member make contact with my rear - despite his best. Isabel stopped him. ‘We’re going to do this at my speed big boy. I enjoy watching you squirm. In time you’ll get what you want. My hot mouth will wrap around your hard cock, sucking you up and down your shaft. Your balls will find their way into my mouth. I’ll sit on your cock, working it with my wet pussy. If you’re a good boy, I’ll even let you put that hard rod in my tight little ass,’ she said. Steve groaned with each description. He wanted her now. She was so good at what she was. I stared at his crotch paralyzed. A million thoughts crossed my head. Was I gay? Why didn’t I stand up and storm off? Zafar stood up and shed his vest to reveal a toned body glistening with sweat.My mouth watered. But why on earth did I feel that way? He removed his shorts, and now the only thing separating me and my object of interest was a piece of fabric with pubes poking out. He sat down on and spread his legs. The scent of sex that permeated the air was a powerful aphrodisiac.I was drawn. . I FELT HIS HANDS SOFTLY TOUCH MY HIPS AND WORK HIS BODY CLOSER TO MINE...MMMM IT FELT SO GUD... I SLOWLY MOVED CLOSER AS HE REACHED AROUND AND CARESSED MY BOOB... I FELT HIM GETTING HARD SO I MOVED AWAY AND TURNED AROUND I LOOKED UP AT HIM AND SMILED... THE DANCE WAS OVER SO I WENT BACK TO MY TABLE... HE SAT NEXT TO ME AND ORDERED US AROUND OF SHOTS... I MOVED CLOSER TO HIM... AND PLACED HIS HAND ON MY LAP... HE THEN BEGAN TO RUB MY LEG AND HE KEPT MOVING UP.. HIS HAND GENTELY TOUCHED MY.

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