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" Only he wasn't letting go. I had to turn my body sideways and hold onto the cabin of the boat. The ‘captain’ guy came up close looking at my pus...y. I had one foot on the floor of the boat and the other one straight up in the air. Boy was my pussy ever spread wide open. "Oh man! I just can't resist!" he said while leaning in and licking my pussy, flipping my big cunt lips up and letting them drop four or five times. "Oh Man! That is just as nice as I dreamed it was." After a few licks he said,. I thought maybe she said that casually to avoid further talk. Anyways next day was Monday and I was back to my never ending work and quite forgot about radhika. But surprisingly got a call from her after 3 days, we spoke for quite some time about our past and present and asked me about my wife. She was curious to know whether my wife is better looking than her.. well women. From that day used to call me regularly to talk. One day I asked her why she was sounding dull when I asked her how she. Oh hell, this wasn't good at all!"The hell?" he asked in a pained groan."Boss, we got problems. First, you feel okay?" Tony peered at him, concern and worry written all over his face.Aching head, a little dizzy, banged and bruised up. "What knocked me out?" Pistol whipped, temple. You okay, Gibbs?" Tony started to reach their bound hands to the stickiness on Gibbs' head but the older man stopped the forward motion of Tony's hand.Gibbs nodded slightly, shaking off his grogginess. "Think so.. I jolted up and saw that I was alone in my room. I couldnt believe just how real the dream felt and that evidence was prevalent from the wetness between my legs. The dream itself was strange, but stranger was the fact that somehow Amber had again been a part of it. After a shower and breakfast, where I couldnt help but look at Bao in a different light before I was surprised once again. Bao said, Today Ms. Amber has planned a very full last day for you. The mention of Ms. Amber had my naughty.

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