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I was bit stunned by hearing that. But at the same time, I could understand her situation. She was wearing a polyester material salwar kameez. It was ...aking her feel more warm. And since polyester does not absorb the sweat that easily, it was making her situation more miserable.“I do not mind at all, Ammi”, I replied.Mom quickly pulled over her salwar and discarded it to the floor. Then she took the towel and started wiping her sweat off. I was in sleeping position and could see her silhouette.. He lets his hand sit there for a few minutes, touching and caressing my stomach. He flicks his hand and my button opens. He slips his hand down my pants and finds my shaved pussy. He groans and deepens the kiss. I am suddenly kissing him back. Everything in me yells for me to stop, to push him away and make a run for it like I had done yesterday. But the part of me that wants this, ignores the nagging and continues to kiss the arrogant bastard. He sticks his finger inside my pussy and finds. So me and kaus shared aunty and made her nude and started licking her nude pussy and she screamed,, I inserted my fingers inside her pussy and she was pleasurised by my act. She wanted more from us so we got our dildo and inserted in her pussy and kaus was hissing and fondling aunts boobs…. At last aunt released her honey from her pussy and me and kaus licked it.Finally all three went to bath and enjoyed each other. From that day aunt became our companion in all activities we do. We used to. Marc then said; ?We will give you acouple of minutes to rest before you fulfill you duties, little slave.? ?Thank you, young masters. If it?s not too much trouble could I request somewater please, Master Marc? And a basin and towel as well?? Marc sent Boomer to fetch the items. When he returned from the kitchen hehanded me the bottle of water and I emptied half of it in one gulp. Then Marcgot up, stood in front of me and said; ?We will need to tie your hands behindyour back, little slave. Is.

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