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Even though I didn't love Sally, I did care deeply for her. Although we had never dated exclusively, we remained good friends. You see Sally and I had...recognized early in our friendship that a long-term relationship would never work. We would have torn each other apart. But with that tension out of the away, we found our way to a lasting friendship with benefits. We still got together occasionally, for a night of passionate play.I knew that Sally was a little distraught over turning forty so I. I found it a little weird to be jacking off in front of mom but was turned on by watching her. I think she felt the same way. She asked that we help each other as it had been a very long time since she had been with a man. Mom took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I had never been with a woman before, so mom took my hand and showed me how to play with her clit. We did this for a few minutes, I think we were both about to explode. Mom asked for me to just rub my cock tip against her. ”My sister looked at me surprised, “Oh, no, Pat, I didn’t mean it like that. We are fine that way, I just don’t like how he is with his boss more than me. I feel like an afterthought most of the time.” I understood my sister, I’d also been feeling a bit lonesome lately. My wife Connie, was in a funk because she had lost her job and was too busy looking for another to enjoy the downtime. For her, the two kids and I were definitely second-string; she had been focused on herself for months. I. I can satisfy any girl or women. People tell me that I have great looks, especially girls.Many girls had proposed me but I am a bit shy person. I go crazy on the special pair of pigeons of women. I am always sneaking thro’ cleavage of women so that I can see the wonderful and lovely creatures. This story is from my school days I was 18 at that time. This is my first experience with a teacher of mine in school. Her name is Rukaiya (name changed) she used to teach me Math in school. Rukaiya was a.

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