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She reached down and grabbed it, before slowly sliding it up her firm body. She could feel the slickness of the soap even under the water, rubbing it ...ver herself before letting her bare hands finish the job. “So peaceful...” Rey whispered to herself quietly. Her thoughts began to wander. She knew where they were going. To the place where her thoughts always went when she was alone and at ease. To Ben.“Be with me.” The words were gentle and soft on her lips. “Be with me.”Her hands began to. “So Leica, how’s tricks?”“Funny. Well, actually, ‘tricks’ are pretty good so far.”“Glad to hear it. Ready to work?”“I’m way ahead of you. I got here too early and found myself approached by men down on the street.”“How did it go?”“I fucked two in a row.”“I hope that doesn’t mean you’re too tired to work now?”“Not at all; in fact, it got me all revved up.”“Fantastic. Because I already have some clients lined up for you.”“Really? Why me?”“Word spreads fast. Besides, you’re new, and novelty always. The others have broadband wireless cable and electric outlets at each parking spot. Trucking has come a long way over the years and made it more comfortable for the drivers.You pay a small fee and you can hook up your own litte AC machine to keep your truck as cold as a reefer. It gets mighty hot in these lots during the summer and you save fuel by not running your truck and burning fuel up to stay cool.However this generator was put on the truck by my company when the fuel was almost 4 dollars. It was an odd week when we didn't exchange at least a couple of emails. They filled the time between when we could meet, and over time, she began to refer to me as "a friend" and the two of us exchanged more details of our lives. We'd meet for sex at least once a month, sometimes twice, as even while I was working, finding $200 to spare for an hour with her wasn't easy. But the emails kept coming no matter whether we'd just met, or where planning to get together, or if we just wanted someone to.

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