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” “Think of what you can buy for your broke ass family with that kind of money!”Juanita was getting covered in cum as the three spilled it on h...r and inside her. It was now Rick’s turn. He told her to clean up. He wasn’t going to get someone’s cum on himself. He wasn’t gay. She wiped it all off with a dish rag and lay on the leather sofa, resigned to what would come next. Rick got on, slid his cock in and began pumping and thrusting really hard. His friends watched the show and. I found myself turned on by the idea that my mother inlaw was watching me, watching me have sex with herdaughter. I found myself thrusting harder and deeper,trying to put on a good show. My wife put her head downand her hand between her legs, enjoying the ride. Eventually I couldn’t hold out, I buried my shaft in mywife’s pussy and shot a heavy load deep into her pussy.The whole event had really turned me on. We cleaned upand went in to bed. Not a word was spoken about what. I just smile and moved down to lick her pussy and now I tried to separate her legs but she was applying all her force to keep her legs together.I applied the requires force and her pussy was open to my view..i separated her legs even more, she shouted, ‘don’t do that, I’ll kill you, just free my hands and see but I didn’t pay any attention and brought my lips to her pussy and kept them over it instantly she went quiet and left a moan sssshhhh. I brought my tongue forward and touched her cunt. So with that context it's very easy to understand what this story is about, so lets start with the specifics, this is the story of a multiversal school for mind controlers, on this school they will learn to grow their abbilities and will have the chance to test them openly with their classmates (More specific rules and guidelines will be given during the first chapters) so normally this would cover a whole school year, but given that i want this story to have choices, different paths, and.

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