Slutty Playful Girlfriend

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"Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Worth every credit. I'll have to thank Gabs for designing this avatar for me. Ahhh!" The elf gasps, and tosses her cover... off her lap. "Wow! It's so cute!" she squeals.Reaching down, the elven maiden rubs her hand over her fiery red bush, rubbing her fingers against her soft folds. She lets out a moan as she gets acquainted with the feeling of her pussy, gasping as she discovers her little pleasure button above her labia."Mmmph! Didn't expect the pleasure to be so. "You know you totally get off." I fake." She's panting and pushes away into a turn.I snap her back into my other arm, "You uh lie." Her arm slips quickly around my waist and her nails dig into my side as I hiss and take her other hand. We tango across the room. "I make you so wet you probably right now all but pee'd yo' panties. Ima put my tongue down there after class an' check."She doesn't reply - just grips tighter with her nails. I love it when she digs in like that. It hurts like hell and. ? I began to cry, partially in shame and partially because her words hurt me. ?GET OUT, PUSSY!!!? she yelled, ?GET OUT OF MY LIFE!? I quickly gathered my belongings and was about to leave then turned to ask, ?what about our company??Her face showed an intense anger that I never saw before. She grabbed me by my shirt and said, ?You dare to ask that?? She paused and closed her eyes in an attempt to control her anger, and then said, ?I expect you to sign over everything to me as soon as. " She tried to bury her tear-stained face in her hands, but Cylvia's manipulating hands on her breasts prevented her. Instead she leaned back, her eyes clenched and wet, her teeth bared over her straining lips. "I've done enough to be sorry for to last me a lifetime." Lonnie," Zeigler said, smirking, his finger digging in her trembling cunt, "Lonnie, you've barely begun." He took it out suddenly.Together, the gangster and Mrs. Oliss pulled the terrified, but emotionally charged young woman down.

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