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I let her, since we were already well past the point of no return. “Do you want a strip of hair left over your pussy?” I asked, massaging right her clit.“What do you think?” she gasped.“No. I think it would be better for you to be totally clean.” I went back to work. It took me another 10 minutes of careful work to shave her into perfect bare plumpness. She had a beautiful pussy, pink, soft folds, delicious. As I poured warm water over her, washing away the foam, I began running my. I wasted no time in doing so, slowly rolling and flicking her more prominent nipples. I let the ladies enjoy the feelings for a couple of moments before I started to pinch them gently and rolled each nipple between my finger and thumb. I knew what Jean’s reaction would be; she loved this treatment. I was pinching her nipples harder than I was Allison’s, but Allison also leaned back against me and sighed.“Well. I can’t tell,” I said, smiling behind the pair of them. “Maybe I need to look more. Returning to my station, taking a moment to rest, maybe enjoy a cold O. J… watching the crowd… waiting. Then the door opens, and the room cries out for my baby. Sauntering in, men and women flock to her side, wanting desperately to run over myself, knowing that I can’t, only allowed a simple greeting. But we both exchange a knowing glance, one of longing, of desire. Effortlessly mixing her favorite drink, feeling her hand touch mine as I serve it to her. I try to conceal my blush, but she can. As soon as we got back, Dad lit the grill and the food started coming. Everyone was in swimsuits, including Grampa, and eating while wet became the order of the day. Some neighbors dropped by and were invited for a dip. We took charge of the younger ones and tried to teach them how to swim in the shallow end.Evening came and we watched the fireworks from our patio and deck, ooh-ing and ah-ing at the spectacular booms and showers of sparks. When the fireworks ended Sammi and I went into the den.

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