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Even though I could not imaginemy life without my own children, Andrea approached the issue of havingchildren with fanaticism. The utmost goal in Andr...a's life was having achild. She saw her fulfillment as a woman in giving birth. All othergoals took second place. I did not think it was the best of ideas. Not that having children was abad idea. Only the timing was bad. We would have to make do, and dowithout. We were young, and just starting out. Oddly, Andrea's greatest ally, in her desire to. I didn’t think much of it until I heard her moving furniture around and making a lot of noise ... At 3am in the morning. Over the next few months, it happened a lot, especially on weekends where you would hear several people troop up the stairs into her apartment and then move things around.Then there was the time she apparently set a wood bowl on fire by putting it on the gas grill. Luckily there was no damage and no one got hurt, but I can still hear her laughing and giggling with the. As she gathered up her belongings after class, she noticed the Keerthana had not moved. Sensing an opportunity Malathi approached her and asked, “Is everything ok?”Keerthi seemed not to hear her, so Malathi leaned in and repeated the question. Keerthi looked up at her with teary eyes saying, “It’s just . . . I . . . I don’t know. Nothing’s going right for me.” More tears welled up in her eyes.Mala said, “Let’s get out of here,” gazing around the empty classroom, “you need to a friend to talk. We were now naked, facing each other, eager to touch. Miko disappeared as silently as she had materialized.Alin motioned for me to get on the bed, pushed me down on my back, and climbed on top. She sat on my chest facing my feet and took my testicles and penis in her skilled fingers, stretching, massaging, and rolling them around. Her large, soft, swinging breasts were brushing my stomach, which I could barely stand.I could see all of her toned back, exquisite long neck, and hair as she worked.

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