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Those spike heels gave her about six more inches of height. She had combed her reddish blonde hair just the way I like it. Straight bangs with straigh... sides that hung down to her shoulders with just a light flip at the end.She twisted her body into a typical modeling pose awaiting my approval. I noticed that her finger nails had also been painted blue except for the ring finger on each hand. The right one was a dark, blood red that was a close match to her lips. The left was midnight black. . Akhir biwi hu na tumhari is hafte.” (if you are gonna fuck it then come inside it, alas im your wife for the week right.. ) I was so happy and got so excited to listning to this ..Damn I could wait no more to get my cock in hat pussy .. I wanted to taste that shaven pussy so badly… I drove as fast as I could and we finally reached my farmhouse. My maid kavita opened the gate .. She is there aleast for 12 to 14 hours a day as she is the care taker of the property. I lowered my window and she. I stayed hard and Hailey soon found just the right spot to take her to her reward. I was worried Brent might start banging the wall; from where I was the mattress seemed awfully noisy. It must have been just my imagination though as Hailey came, and collapsed onto me, without interruption.We lay together for a little while and then she carefully climbed off of me. I tidied up and, with a few tender kisses, we settled down to really sleep.I woke to answer my phone. "Three p's have phoned. I took. And now it was 10pm i went to her house and ring the bell. She opened door and she was in her beautifull night wear full sleved. Then we went to her room. I sat on the floor and opened my books. She started laughing and said why are u sitting on the floor u can sit on bed. Then i went on bed she sat next to me. As those days summer was going on and temp was so hot. The room where we were in was so hot as her AC was not working and was having no fan in room. Both were swetting. She teach me so.

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