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You also know that Naruko has a crush on you, but she just plays hard-to-get to make you go after her. But for now, you both are still good friends an... she is like 'one of the guys' to you. She'll play video games with you and Naruto, hang out, pull pranks, and basically is just another Naruto when it comes to personality.Sakura is also one of your good friends and Naruto's girlfriend. You taught Naruto the 'secrets' of attracting women and well... Sakura fell for it, although there are some. "Not too bad, Gabrielle! You seem to have undergone the change well. Iknow you ache but that's normal for the spell's effect."My eyes felt heavy and I felt myself sagging. "Yes, you will still betired. The spell is quite weakening. I'll let you get some more sleep.You're still weak. Your aches should have almost gone in a few hours.Wait here." She went out but came back with a decanter of red wine and awineglass. "Here, some wine. That will help you relax and sleep." It wasa large glass, and I. Ek din uane muje milne ko kaha mene pucha kaha milenge to usane kaha tum mere ghar par Aajao mene pucha tumara pati kya kahega to kaha ki mera pati kam ke silsileme jyadatar out of station rahete hai phir usane muje apana mobil no diya our Baroda Ane ki date our time diya me uske bataye huye time pe baroda pahoocha our station se bahar nikal kar use call kiya usne kaha me station pe tume lene Aayi hu mene pucha kaha ho to usane bataya ki car parking me me karme hu Our car ka no. Diya our kaha. “Let me see the phone, Boy, I’m going to send this video to me and some of my buddies. What’s the faggot’s phone number?”“No Robert, don’t give it to him.” He looked down at me and spit in my face.“Understand Faggot. I fucking own your ass now. And since you said that, I’m going to post this video on every gay porn site I know and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.”Robert has his cock out now and moved in front of me as the man walked over to my clothes and pulled my billfold out.

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