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Is she around?” I said, “No, she actually went to see her parents this week.” She said, “Why didn’t you go?” I said, “I really get caught up on stuff at work and here so I stayed behind. Where are those flowers, can I bring them in for you?” She said, “Yes, they’re in the backseat of the car. I appreciate the help.” Every year, Jennifer got all of us massive Easter flower bouquets. It was her tradition. I went to the car, grabbed the bouquet with our names on it and carried it. “This is complicated stuff, huh?”“Yeah,” Shelly sighed. “I always thought if you liked someone, you just liked them. I can see what you mean, though. You can like different people in different ways at the same time.”“Exactly,” Jeff said. “I remember my first girlfriend. I thought she was so perfect. I had all these crazy fantasies about how we’d get married someday. I think we were eight or something.” Jeff laughed at his own naivety. “A week later she was hanging all over this other guy on the. She smiled at me when she saw I was awake. I needed to go myself now that I was awake and climbed out before Chrissy got back in. As I stood up we kissed and embraced then she said quietly ‘Good morning.’ ‘It’s a great morning!’ I whispered and headed for the bathroom. When I got back into bed Chrissy had moved to the middle of the bed and was facing me, smiling. I got back in and we kissed, lightly at first but deepening to desire. We tenderly stroked each others bodies and I reached between. She found that there were four male Boy Scouts and three female Boy Scouts in the pool of applicants and it worked out just fine for four two person tents to carry plus the necessary equipment they needed to complete the entire thirty mile hike. She had the phone and the emergency first aid kit in her pack just in case there should be an unforeseen problem that needed outside assistance. One of the things she liked was that the camp did not allow the campers to have outside electronic devices.

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