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Lila is a real friend, and a wonderful lover. She's bi, of course, but Jack is her favorite fuck-buddy when she wants guy-ride.I slide my hands over h...r breasts, pretty well exposed by her unfastened bra. Her nipples are wet with Tina's saliva and she moans as I slide my thumbs over their erect tips.I can feel jack going for it in Tina, seeing how deep he can slide in her hot, wet, tight pussy. She's moving on him too, tightening and sucking at him with her pussy as her arousal increases.I. I flicked my tongue softly, teasingly as I licked her juices up and down her open pussy lips. I traced a soft trail of her juices mixed with my saliva down to insides of each of her knees and then gliding back up to the folds of her slick pussy. I teased her over and over again until my tongue finally grazed her swollen clit. She jumped at my touch, pressing her mound into my lips as she tried to force more of her aroused love button between my lips. I laid my tongue flat as I slowly passed. She picked me up and took me out to the most beautiful little restaurant in town. Ive never been wined and dined like that before. Private little table to ourselves, candles, wine, and four course meal. She brought me home and kissed me passionately. She knows I havent been with a woman before so she told me she wanted to take things slow. I was a little disappointed though, while I was getting ready for tonight I had gotten so wet with anticipation of what might happen afterwards I stayed wet. . and Julie said she wished she had a nephew she could be ... intimate with, because she's lonely. And she doesn't trust men. She said she'd teach a young boy how to be loving and stuff. But you can't do that in our society." She moved around in her chair, uncomfortable. "So we got to talking about men, and how the good ones are all taken, and Julie said all of them except you." She had been talking to her empty cup, but now she looked up at me. "And I said she should get together with you and.

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