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While Paul found the DVD,Kevin noticed something on his bed."This isn't yours?" he said in amazement.Paul turned to find Kevin holding a bra."It is. A...d its getting too small for me."Kevin looked at Paul with wide eyes. "You don't look that big." Thats because I've got my sports bra on. So, do you want to see TimothyDalton taking out villains with a PPK?" Sure, put it on," said Kevin putting the bra down."Now, please, no more talk on my girlhood," said Paul. "I was surprisedwhen Dalton quit. As before, most of the drivers were busy in their worlds. Too busy to notice a naked woman just four feet away. I suggested that Sam switches to the right lane to give people a better angle since our seats sat so far down into the car. Sam obliged and when we stopped at the next stoplight our fun commenced. This car had several younger guys in it and at first, they didn’t notice me. Then a young man in the right rear passenger seat rolled down his window and commented on how nice the weather. I know you’ll approve,” I said.“Oh, that means she’s cute.” I could almost hear the twinkle in his eye. I know my Dad pretty well.“She’s way more than cute, Dad. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, except of course for Mom.”Dad laughed. “Seth, I don’t know where you got your velvet tongue from, but your mother heard that, and she’s actually blushing. Good job, son.”“Dad,” I continued, “I really want you and Mom to meet her family. They’re really great people. Very. "That's so cool! I want some! Hey, I know! I'll trade ya! What do youwant?!"James chuckled sadly at his brother's naivety. "If I would I could, youknow that." Hey, can I at least have your falsies?!" Sure. Lord knows I don't need them now." He said, eyeing his chest.Joe bolted from bed, grabbed the falsies and a bra off of James'sdresser, ripped off his babydoll, and tried to put the bra on. But failedmiserably.James chuckled again, and fastened the back for him. Joe stood proud inhis thong and.

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