You made me see that love could be a great addition to my life. Then you made me see that love can also be a smokescreen to the worst aspects of a per...on’s life. When I thought you loved me, I had never been so happy. I think I got addicted to that happiness.”“Jos, Lissa, Diana you each made me feel things I had never felt, but I don’t know if it was real or a lie. And that was the core of my issues with my mom. I didn’t understand the concept of husband and wife love when my dad and I caught. Bill Hart was trying to keep the SRU wizard from doing his thing. Poor Bill had to watch himself, the strain was showing the way he gulped his Lemonade."Don't you want anything stronger?" asked ROBO with his third beer in his hand. He was almost ready for another. He was still trying to get Morpheus to pose for a sequel to Model Maid."You are kidding?" Bill whispered. "You've got to keep your wits about you when you are with the Wizard. The last time I had more than one drink I found myself in. We told them about the live trees because they drove by the house when Jimmy was doing the work and saw all the trees on the big truck out front. He must have needed more equipment because one of the women said that it looked like a major construction site.”I tried to not show my concern that one of the neighbors had said something about my surprise family present, but Lynn just kept going.“It is about time to head out to the restaurant and get into the private room so we can feed the babies.. “Go man. Seriously, go. Now!” I encouraged him, shoving him towards the door.He stared at me for another second and then walked outside. I followed him to the landing and watched him walk down the stairs. He stopped and turned towards me one more time and I motioned for him to go.I went back inside the playroom, waiting for Liz to return.I wasn’t sure how she was going to react, though I doubted that she was going to be happy about it.I dressed and sat on the bed nervously, wondering if I’d.

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