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"She caressed his cheek and smiled at him. "I think this will be good for me and my baby," she said softly. "I'm afraid I'm going to miss Kevin a lot,...though."As they walked, the AI explained the changes in rules. Martin immediately granted full rights to all of the concubines, somewhat limited rights to the twins and rather restricted rights for the other children.They stepped off the transporter pad and were directed to their new unit. When they arrived, Sarah and Sandy were already there.. She lay there in that filthy rat-infested alleyway dying until morning when one of the many homeless rabble found her. By the time the cops and paramedics were there, it was too late. I was fourteen then. Social Services found Sean Hennessey, my mother’s brother and my new uncle. I never knew I had an uncle, my mother never spoke of him. Turns out, he owned and ran a bar not far from where my old man was killed. Sean took me in, reluctantly. I never called him uncle and he never asked me too. . "Penny smacked the other thigh for good measure, leaving a thin red markbehind."Cry out, dammit." Penny smacked the thigh again, and this time Dollycried out in pain. It wasn't right. It never sounded right."Tell me you'll always be with me," commanded Penny."I'll always be with you, Penny."Penny smacked Dolly's abdomen. Dolly crunched, straining against thestraps, and cried out again."Again." I'll always be with you, Penny."Smack.Penny crawled onto the bed, resting on her knees as she loomed. The feel of his puffy glans in my mouth arouse a familiar tickle in my own cock. I know my own precum is starting to flow.At this point he is sufficiently aroused enough for me to work his balls a little. I pull his pants and boxers down to his thighs completely exposing his package. I tongue his sack and then suck his right testicle into my mouth. I roll it around on my tongue for a few seconds before I tug it gently as I let go, then do the same to his left testicle. He lets out another soft.

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