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That was John's case. My wife said he had a good sized cock but when she called him to try and hook up again he politely declined because his nerves c...uldn't take it. She took a job hostessing at a nice restaurant once. She was required to wear a nice dress and pantyhose to work. I told a friend of mine named Tim about her job, I knew Tim had the hots for her , I've seen him checking her out at our pool. Well it worked, one morning as I was getting ready for work my wife was talking to me about. We talked about the proposed interview, and about the newspaper article that had been printed after my encounter with the reporter. I noticed that she was starting to fidget about in her seat, and was unsettled."I don't know what is happening to me" she gasped. "I feel so funny at the moment"."Funny" I repeated back to her."I ... errrrr ... it's so embarrassing but I feel ... horny" she admitted with her head bowed.I waited to see what was going to happen next."Fuck it" she exclaimed as she. Jesus."Friday. The date. The dress. The taxi. The blow job."I'm sorry." I thought yesterday that... why not? If you wanted to. Why not. But Icouldn't do it."I squeeze his hand."Ellen will be back soon," I say gently. "The real Ellen. Just let meteach until she does. You know I can. I won't tell anyone if you don't."He pulls his hand away and looks up, looks at me. His eyes meet mine."Why did you... sleep with me?" he asks, his voice low. "Why did you doall those things that you did?"Why do I. I asked myself what I had started but was too excited by the promise of a wild adventure to doubt myself for long. I drove through familiar country lanes, much more slowly now that we were off the motorway but still there was the illusion of speed as the closeness of the hedges made a blur through the windows and the twisty lane held the promise of danger round every corner.I kept silent and let the girl dwell in her own thoughts. Glancing at her I saw that she was still on display, her skirt.

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