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To my utter amazement again we finish our breakfast in silence, I take my plate to the kitchen sink and kiss her on her cheek to say thank you and hea... into the lounge room, bending over at the door to pick up my discarded clothes that I had left there, I made sure that I bent over just enough for her to be able to see my balls and my arsehole, which of course turned me on and I proceeded to get hard and horny once again. I was determined that I would not masturbate today because I wanted her. Told them she is our bhua from UK. We are showing around delhi and other cities. I looked at Bhua she was dancing with man his name is Kuljit. Bhua was making good move to excite her partner.Few more people went on floor. They lady on our table said why dont we join your Bhua and dance.Music change to slow dance. The lady came close to AJ and Bhua and her husband paired up. I went to use washroom. Bhua was grinding her self on the guy. Most of the other people were doing that too.I came back. With my guitar pick between the fingers on my right hand, I twisted my body as Halle re-settled her sexy ass on my belly. I was now able to lift my right elbow and lay it across Catherine’s hip.As soon as my elbow came to rest on her hipbone, she put her left hand on my lower arm and pulled my arm back until my elbow was pressed against her mass of pussy hair ... THEN ... her pubic hair was gone. Just like that - just that fast - her pussy was as clean and smooth as her belly and her huge. By the time the car stopped she was exhausted and shaking. The car doors opened, cold air being let in. her nipples hardened in the cold air and goose bumps rose across her skin. Someone grabbed her ankles and dragged her across the cars seat. she was hauled over a huge, strong and broad shoulder and carried a short distance into some sort of building that echoed. A warehouse maybe? A metal door slammed shut a while after she was inside. She could smell a damp air around her and she was still.

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