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Part Twelve"I can't believe we won the best costume contest," Kristen said."I can, we look adorable, every woman in there wanted to rip theseclothes o...f us. Didn't you notice?" Yes, I did," she said, slipping my shoulder straps over and pulling mydress down to reveal my breasts. She slipped the dress down over myrear and it fell to the floor. She slipped hers off and pulled thecomforter back before we climbed in. I ran my hand under her pantiesand ran my finger across her warm and moist slit.. With that she undone her coat and slipped it off, she then turned her back to me and asked if I`d unzip the back of her dress. As the dress touched the carpet, I could see was just wearing a Black Bra and Knickers set.“Would you be a darling and unclips my bra?” she asked me.Again I complied.She took a few steps forward and turned around and opened her arms, she stood there almost naked, just her knickers on covering her last bit of privacy.“Well baby, do you like Nursey?” she asked me.“Oh,. ..MMmmmmm Soo Fat...Yes ! I humped the bed and felt juice flow aginst my undies..Undies?? Never wore them before..Undies???? MMmmmm as I moved there is MMmmmmmm so much pressure and PLEASURE in my ass...Mmmmmm..Voices..and a needle in my IV and out again Ride the waves of pleasure..MmmmmYes..OMG YES..Oh YEAH FUCK ME !! I'm awake..and my body on fire..Sooo Horny...MMmmmmm Yeah !! Lights are on, my hot hard cock in one hand, fingers in my ass...first 2..then 3..OMG need more ! A big dildo..oh. Kiss her slowly yes like that now kissing her take her shirt off . what i saw was two big breast with large dark nipples covered with a transparent bra revealing everything. move down boy take those pants off , she was wearing a pink thong revealing her butt cheeks . kiss those cheeks , 25 kisses on each butt . i kissed. now stick your face in her butt crack lick it all over up and down .lick it nice and deep.then granny grabed my face and shoved it in her breast and said lick it lick.again she.

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