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As I reached the level of the inside floor, I gave her a hard shove in the back with my left hand, letting her fall into the sofa.I played off my beha...ior by saying, "Gosh, are you ok? Sorry for being so rough but we were both falling backward and I figured the sofa was a much betterlanding spot, ha ha." She grinned in half disbelief and nodded. "Good, I'll catch my breath from saving your life and you can feel free to do a walk through", I replied.She walked down the hall, obviously impressed.. Me – abi sone do na……..Uumm,..Uumm…Uumm.. Aa..Hha.. Aau..Uum..Uumm..P – kyu raat bhar kuttiya ki tarah chudi hai kya ?Me – han tumhaare dosto ne sone hi nai diya..Aah..Uumm…Aur tumne kaha tha ki sirf ek dost hi aayega..P – toh kya hua..Tujhe jaisi randi ko kya farak padta hai… Tere saath toh aisa hi hona chaiye.(Pramod mujh se aise language mein hi baat karta tha..But mujhe feel nai hota tha..Kyuki kaam toh main randi wala hi kar rahi thi..) raand mujhe kaam pe bhi jana hai…Chal jaldi se thoda. ..She look at me with large eyes as I bring the leather strands wet from her sweat up between her wide spread legs. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH SHE YELLS feeling the leather hit up into her slit, clit and thighs. All at once, it feels like fire as she pulls hard on the ropes. Again slappppppppp against her dripping pussy, its totally wet now, slappppppppppp, she might cum, slappppppppp. She lost in sensations, owwwwwwww ughhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss ohhhhhhhhhh again again , screams FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK. That day we decided to go for a movie, since we were very bored in college. So we went to the theater and bought the tickets. Before that day, I never had any intentions, sexually towards her. However, that day it was different. We sat in theater and were watching the movie, when suddenly due to some scary scene Ayesha held my hand. My hand was rubbing against her boob. I could literally feel her entire boob. It was arousing me in to different levels. However I controlled my emotions for.

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