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Steven was looking at the text pictures Johnny had sent him. They were notes about him and his actions for the last 2 weeks. They’d been following h...m and making notes on everything he did. The last page had a description of his house, how to get to it, and the terrain surrounding it. It also had a note at the bottom that back up was going to be in town in 3 days to assist.Steven called Johnny back and told him what the notes said. “The last thing in the notes says that backup is coming in. This is the ass for fucking, the thought flashed in my mind. She surely could stretch large and take my big cock in her ass as well, I said to myself. It was time to breach her pussy resistance and gain entry into the depths of her cunt. My hips moved back making my cock head to plop out with a huge noise but not before it was fully soaked with her pussy lube which I rapidly thin layered all over my cock length and Janet also graced the urgency by pushing her cunt out as I plunged back into her. No longer did he have to win duels or conquer territories or steal her away from men who were more powerful. He simply had to call up the service and make love to them when they arrived. He simply had to make room for it in his budget and continue to exchange his labors for their love, as money, economically speaking, was merely a currency that represented his long days of hard work at the real estate office, and he’d rather give the fruits of his labor to these women who were willing to make. Orry for once again breaking up a story. Have work early and I need sleep. Lot of late nights recently. Big J need sleeppppppppppppppp.As you are all aware, I'm a busy fuckin guy. Between school, work, Call of Duty and just bein a general all around badass, I don't have a lot of time for these so called important things like homework and responsibility. Priorities brah. Call of Duty--Girls---Work----School. Now, as most of you can understand, you can't just do one thing at a time or you fall.

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