"I'd heard enough. It was a set up. Annie had set me up. She had been lying to me for years. I had believed her when she told me about her 'one time' ...ith Alan. I had believed her because I loved her and I had thought that she loved me, but quite obviously she didn't. And I didn't miss the part about "his life insurance" either. Annie had set me up to be killed. The sounds of Annie being fucked on the kitchen table faded as I quietly closed the door and hurried back to my pick up truck.I took. Her hips had a nice curve out and her cheeks were like two perfect bubbles sitting on her long, slender legs. I couldn’t control myself any longer, I was going to take it, my mind was made up. So I stood up with my half hard dick swaying awkwardly and walked up behind her and started kissing her neck, letting my member press up against her ass, instantly making it hard again. “Mmmm, thirds?” she asked slowly grinding her ass on my erection. I didn’t say anything, I just picked her up and walked. “This is my first time...”She failed, much to everybody’s amusement.“Mine too! I think it’s fucking awesome!” Dana chimed in, before taking a big bite of her hot dog.Calara and Sakura nodded, confirming their barbecuing experience, while the Maliri twins shared a broad smile.Studying the deluxe barbecue, Tashana said, “We used to cook outside on camping trips, but nothing as grand as this.” She glanced down at the impressive amounts of her flawless blue skin she had on display. “We tended to. She flinched as the explosion hit, leaning further back by instinct, trying to protect herself. The warmth of Liam’s body soothed and thrilled her as well. For a moment the five stood and watched the show before Emma finally let out a soft laugh and grinned up at Hanson, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement. What a rush! It had been wild and crazy, but she felt alive. It was easy to see how someone could get addicted to that feeling. The adrenaline, the adventure. No wonder Laura was.

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