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.. " I will teach you to cum without me" Emma was fucking me so hard it almost was winding me, and her head was so thick it was stretching me inside, ...s her head passed one point inside me it would make my cock move and then a real feel of pleasure, as much as it was hurting the pleasure was just so great and I was thrusting back on her as hard and as fast as I could. Emma stopped moving and slapped my ass " that's it bitch fuck my cock, fuck it hard, fuck it faster, ohh yeah I'm going to. I see the residue of my juices on the glove. Standing over me, as I maintain my position of spread legs, and hands behind my head, he slowly brings his glistening glove covered fingers up, within 2 inches of my face, I screw up my face as I smell my own juices. ?The western slut was enjoying this examination, maybe she does want to service the guards? He taunts, causing me to go bright red, as he looks me in the eye. ?I want you to clean my glove, lick it clean slut, taste your slut juices?. I just go by Kid.’ He gave her an odd look. ‘Everybody has a name.’ ‘Call me Kate if you must, but I prefer Kid.’ ‘No last name, Kid?’ ‘None.’ She slipped from his grasp to stand apart. That sense of danger was growing. An idea occurred to her suddenly. ‘Hey, I know Isabella asked me to accompany you, but if Rafe is going along, you don’t need me. My sister is about to give birth and I’d like to get back to her.’ As soon as the words were out of her mouth she knew she couldn’t let Isabella. Sitting on a bench on the Music Pier’s south side and facing the sun was a vibrantly tanned woman wearing sunglasses in shorts, top and a light pullover. Her curly blonde shoulder length hair was unmistakable. A strange shudder shook him nervously. When she recognized him, Maggie’s smile was as warm as the sun itself and Len felt a foolish grin cover his face. He was standing in front of her for the first time. ‘Oh my god, here we are! ‘ she said. He laughed He wondered how long it took her to.

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