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I finished my FINAL final exam by noon. When I arrived home, Amy whisked me off to a hair-stylist appointment she had made for the both of us. Again s...e insisted on paying. I refused to let her. She told me I could pay her back from my night’s earnings. I told her there wasn’t going to be any earnings. She was adamant about picking up the tab, so I capitulated, but I insisted on springing for a manicure for each of us. We had a few glasses of wine at the parlor, and by the time we were. “Yeah, they are all working together. Alicia owns the club. Her and Liz know each other from way back. They have all been behind the scenes this whole time.”“Do you know what happened to everyone else?” Jill asked.“Everyone?”Jill stopped and turned to look at me.“The other girls?”I stopped and looked at Jill, then at Kayla.“Scotty? What’s wrong?” Kayla asked.“They are gone too.” I mumbled.Kayla collapsed on top of me. Jill began to cry as well and walked over Kayla, who wrapped her arm around. Wouldn't happen to want to come..." Adam," Lynn closed her eyes and shook her head, "Please, just go already."He sighed and shrugged, then left.Lynn listened to the door to the change-room shut. A deep, shuddering breath of air flowed out her lungs, "Oh, Christ."She crouched down low to the floor, rubbing her temples with her palms. After a few minutes, she finally made her way into the changing area. There on the bench in front of her locker, she found a pack of cigarettes and a short note on. Keeping secrets." She pulled back and looked into his eyes finally. "All I ask is that tonight, you play along. Don't ask any questions — just do as I say. If after tonight you never want to talk to me again, I'll understand." Chad was about to argue, but Charli stalled him by putting a finger over his lips. "One more thing. Whatever you do, don't use my, Laura's, or Natalie's names. If you must address any of us, call me Mistress Cheryl." For the first time, the name Mistress Cheryl sounded.

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