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Later, when they had past the High Point, NC exit ramp and were approaching mile marker 118 was when Chip called them on the phone.“What took you gu...s so long?” Chip demanded first thing when Gunther answered the phone.“There were a lot of cops on the Interstate, and we had to keep the speed down. Where is that asshole?” Gunther growled.“He’s just north of Greensboro. I-85 will be joined by I-40 at exit 121. Stay on I-85 / I-40 to exit 124 and get off there to US 29. You’ll need to go five. Now what do you want to do? My inclination is to have a council of war in the board room with whichever senior people you have in the office today. Do you agree?"As Steve looked at her, he realized three things. First, she wasn't panicking. Second, she was doing exactly what he figured Cliff would do if he were here. Finally, she owned the place, but most importantly, she knew it. "Let me get the guys together, Sandy. Could we meet in thirty minutes? I may be able to reach some more people who. One day when I was having tea in pantry, she came inside the pantry to have lunch and Sat near my table.So I asked her…what’s your name and replied me why you want to know, which made me upset. in turn I asked her, you look like Tamilian and I too Tamilian, so eager to know your name. She told I am not Tamilian. One day it was raining heavily in Mumbai and I saw her in bus stop, So asked her Shall I drop you in my car. She straightway told no. I got upset and all the way I was dreaming about. I checked fabswingers on my phone one last time, nothing happening again.As I looked up to find Bex was dancing with a black man. He was of course showing Bex a lot of attention. Bex kept looking over at me so I decided to get out of her view a little bit. I could see them but I could see her struggling to see me. After a little while she didn’t look over again.Bex by now was all over this chap and occasionally whispering in his ear. My mind was going mad thinking what she is saying. My cock.

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