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I mean, this guy is perfect and was capable of having any woman he wanted. I think he chose to be fascinated with me because I was a lost cause and th...t one he could never have. Until I came back home. Let’s rewind a little. I met him at work. The first impression I got of him was a hot headed ass and that needed fixing, real quick. My personality was not going to allow some egotistical jerk to think he could tell me what to do, especially when I had been working there longer. Came in, striding. . I think back to how this began two nights ago with me dreaming about her and baptizing her the Warrior Princess. The late night pick up surprised the hell out of me. Her trouble in China ranked a close second. Now, as I think back ... boy, did I ever undersell her. ... ... ... Watching the scenery go by, reflecting. More miles click by and my thoughts keep me occupied. The sun sets. The more I reflect the more I realize Sally never really was the woman I thought her to be. She. This time I used the paddle to steer and turned to the right. Gant would try to land on the beach like every time. I paddled into the break in the rocks and let the current pull me through and into the crystal bay beyond.I paddled to the rocks that were our dock and tossed a braided seaweed rope to the man that came out, “Gant is coming.”He snorted as he tied the rope around a rock post. I shifted and climbed out before I turned to hoist the net out. I had three Oblayst to sell and with Gant. I am sure Chaghati Khan will be excited by the possibility and will likewise commit to repairing the trade routes and building way stations like yours to protect merchants and to facilitate communication between us. I am honored to have met you and I will pass your message of peace and prosperity to my Khan.”His entourage of fifty Mongol troops spent the next day resupplying and talking with our Mongol troops. They left the following day and we left two days later, bound first for Maragha. Baha.

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