What is this?"My eyes had spotted a long sleeve of fuzzy silver grey. I moved the other sweaters aside and lifted the beauty from the box. It was almo...t more like a skin with soft curly hair than a knitted sweater."Where did you come from?" I held up the silver grey pullover in front of me. "I'd remember buying something as gorgeous as you. I can't recall that one of my women friends wore you. Perhaps someone bought you as a surprise gift?" I rumbled through the carton for a card, however, only. I do want to have some fun with you two and maybe watch you two have fun with each another.”Amanda said, “My husband wouldn’t understand. I’ve never cheated on him. Besides, I’ve never done it with another woman.”Linda said, “Amanda you don’t have to tell your husband. It might even spice up your sex life with him. As far as us making love, I must admit that I find you highly desirable.”Amanda blushed from her head to her toes a nice pale pink color.Linda smiled at her and said, “Apparently you. I dared her to go faster then I told her to stop as wanted her to feel frustrated. Her knickers were getting wet now. Now I told her do it faster. She rubbed her pussy through her wet knickers faster. I could she her building up I then told her to stop again before she could cum. I told her to take her knickers off her wet pussy glistening with wetness. Next I dared her to rub her pussy with the dildo. I watched as she rubbed the dildo around and lubricated it with her juices. Next I dared her. Heck, I almost came a fourth time before you shot off in there!”“Wow,” I responded, “thanks for the heartwarming reassurance. But that was supposed to be our first anal. How could you do it with someone else first?”“Well, it WAS OUR first anal. It just wasn’t mine. The opportunity was there, I took it, and then it made me want to try it with you. And see, it was fun. We’ll probably do that again some time.”“Yeah, right, after he’s already stretched and pre-lubed you,” I snarked back.“Exactly!”.

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