I signed the papers and paid, brought some 'recommended' dog food and headed for the car. The people had said she was trained and was obedient but I w...s still surprised when she stayed at my 'heel' looking up at me... , Susey Q... , I don't know why but that's what I thought her name would be... , Susey Q. I hoped Susey wouldn't mind. I dumped the food in the boot and opened the door and called her.She sat there and looked at me, her head slightly cocked. I think she was thinking about this new. As he died Mickey untied him and let him fall forward on the floor."He tried to escape. It was self defense." He looked around the room. This was the Five Points, no one would turn them in. But he took steps to be sure. "Today I need to get Kat home and safe and have a doctor in to see her. Danny too. Saturday there will be a party in the Bend. Barrels of beer, food, music. Thank you all for coming to our aid." Now if you'll all stop looking at me naked I'd like to go home." As he did years. She confessed everything to me — throwing herself on my mercy.She promised me that it was a one-time thing, that she had learned an awful lesson from it, and it would never happen again. She didn't try to lie to me, and she never tried to evade the responsibility for her actions.Call me a wimp, or a pussy-whipped husband or what you will; I forgave her, and put it behind me. It was a one-time thing, and was alcohol related — too much to drink and a known predator ready to pounce. I believe her. "What answer do you have to the charges of theft of an indentured servant, abduction of said servant, taking said servant out of Kobekistan without permission, all contrary to Kobekistani law, and can you think of any good reason why we should not attempt to have you extradited from U.S. territory to Kobekistan to face trial on those charges? Further, is this the policy of the USA now, to buy slaves here and move them to U.S. territory?" Your Magnificence, it was a spur of the moment thing. I.

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