”Narth said. “We are all in position.”I responded. “Let’s end this.”I said to the Worm. “I met Admiral Stahl; he is as you say integrity...incarnate. I met McElligott and others that are considered to be immortals, yet you seem the most foolish of them all. You could not begin to comprehend what the Coven is, they don’t dabbe in psionics and you underestimate me and think I am helpless just because you slap cuffs on me. The days of the Worm are counted, and you helped me to end them even. Pull it out son lemme see what your problem is? i pulled out my throbbing 8 inch uncut cock. wow you take after your father in more than one way… thanks mum, i can relieve myself if you look away dont be silly, im sure i will get it done quicker than you ever could with that she put both her feet at the base of my cock and began to slide the skin back over my cock head to reavel a shinny pre-cum covered throbbing purple head. yum!, nice i bet that is sensative i wont touch it with my dirty. "Oh shit."Peter groaned and shook his head, "You uh walking hazard."I found my cell and canceled the date. She wasn't too upset so I suspected going out with me wasn't a high priority thing - which was good. I hung up in time to hear Peter invite Ame to dinner with us."It sounds lovely, thank you. What time should I meet you?"She and Peter worked out the details and I watched them with this weird sense of seeing double. She said goodbye to Peter, picked up her bag and left without so much as a. As you join me on your throne, you slap my hand away, you don’t want me to have an unfortunate accident.You grip my toy, finally able to touch it directly, to feel the energy trapped in it. As you move up and down along its pulsing rigidity, you place yourself to have better access to it, to allow yourself to have an amuse-bouche before the main course. Closing your warm mouth over it, you taste me, rubbing your tongue to better appreciate what I have to offer to you. Even though you are the.

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