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Still, Evan couldn't also help but notice how she hadpractically read his min- at least about him being nervous. MaybeJacqueline was just exceptionall... good reading people, or maybe he justgave that vibe. Either way, he hoped that she hadn't caught him checkingout the store's merchandise a few minutes ago, or worse yet- had figuredout what he wished he could do with them."I...uh well, maybe a little," he replied honestly, hoping that hewasn't blushing.Jacqueline smiled. "Don't be," she. The whole time?”She nodded. “But I don’t step into the datastream much. For me, it’s more ... looking for absences. Gaps. It’s occupied my entire life. With your permission,” her voice lowered. “I’d like that work to continue.”“Of course. But you don’t have to ask ⁠—”“But I do,” she said forcefully. I looked up at her. “We’re no longer family. We are your crew. You have the responsibility of life or death over us. Do you understand?”I nodded slowly, and she gentled her tone.“An AI isn’t human;. Monday he had already received another new client's work and now it seemed that he could add Jeffrey to his list of conquests. She was ashamed at her disappointment that it was not Jeffrey's voice, but her fiancé's.The idea of she and Jeffrey was absurd anyway. She was from a middle-class family and he was born into extreme wealth with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was not only rich but was also handsome and surprisingly engaging. He could be with any beautiful, well-to-do woman out there, a. A normal person at this point would pick up the bagel and coffee and go sit down at the table, maybe ask for a section of the newspaper, talk about the weather or the latest news. I was frozen. My penis was rock hard. My mind was numb.I couldn't help but wonder why I felt this way. It's not like I hadn't seen Jen naked several times since I came to live here. It's not like I hadn't actually touched that body, held it close to me, explored every inch on that glorious day last weekend. What the.

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