Jo socha tha bina kch kiye mil gaya tha. Maine aunty ko kiss karte karte sofa pe hi sula diya aur hum passionately kiss kar rahe the. Maine apna hath ...unty ke blouse mein daal diya tha aur unke boobs ke bra ke upar se he daba raha tha. Aunty ne bhi apna hath meri lund pe rakh ke upar se hi ragad rahi thi.Ab maine kiss ko thoda aur kiya aur phir bina kuch kahe aunty ki saari nikal di. Aunty ki nazro mein dekha tho woh itni khush lag rahi thi. Maine bina tym gavaye aunty ka blouse utaar diya aur. At this point, the men panicked and ran away.I quickly ran home, slamming the door to my apartment shut behind me. I was breathing hard. That was one of the scariest things to ever happen to me.....but I was fine.....better than fine. I fought off three thugs and without a scratch on me. Was it true? Did this suit give me power? I had to test it. I took one of my kitchen knifes out and tried to cut the suit. I expected it to tare but it didn't. I applied more pressure and to my shock and. "Don't under estimate me." This time I didn't look at either of the women. I saw this as a point of honor.John said, "All right, let's do it right now."I said, "I don't think that would be a good idea. I think we have all had way to much to drink. It will have to be another time." Chickening out already?" John asked.I was actually trying to back out of the hole I had dug for myself but I wasn't going to be called a chicken. "No, I am not backing out. Let's do this next week." Then an idea came. Georgia opened the box containing the medallion and held the box out to him. Before he had a chance to reach out for it, the medallion flew from the box and settled around his neck. The chain had miraculously been repaired. Everyone in the dining room gasped at the sight.Having seen the medallion fly to Oscar, Ed commented, “Only a God or a Goddess can put on a medallion or remove it.”For Georgia, the sight of Oscar in his robe and wearing the medallion brought back memories of paintball. As.

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