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En kaili kizha vizhindhadhu, en neenda pool avalukku azhaga kaatchi koduthadhu. naan edho theriyama nadandhadhu pola kailiya tharaiyila irundhu eduthu...pottukitten. Ava orama sirichukunney ezhundhu poyitta. naan onnum theriyadhadhu pola apparam kitchenukku ponen. Coffee pottukunnu irundhen. Appa ava ulla vandhu, naan podavannu ketta. Sarinnu sollittu naan veliya ponen. Thideernu oru idea vandhadhu. Ava appa thaan soppu pottu tharaya thodachu irundha. Sarinnu udaneye naan edho soapu tharayila. I hadnt locked the door because I knew my Mon was at work and my s*s was at college. I had the curtain up and i started to panic thinking someone was robbing the house. For several minutes which seemed like hours there was no sound. Finally i called out,"Who's there?" Its me Mary(my s*s) Dont pull the curtain" I stopped the shower and waited. I figured she was using the bathroom. "Remember a few years ago, when we played with each other?" she asked. I told her i had and suddenly my cock. I slowly liked around her lips and clitorus. She shivered at every lick letting out moans of approval which have me a raging boner. As I started to eat her out she started to produce more juice from her pussy and I had started to jack myself off with my spare hand. When Molly did start to climax the sensations were too much for me as I spewed my seed across the floor and she started to buck under the pleasure she was receiving form my tongue and fingers."Oh shit Noel that was amazing I never. The guys on days were all older men, but many of the night shift guys were only a few years older than I. I remember one night a group of guys went out to the cars and most of them were going to bars, but since i wasn't old enough I wasn't. Sheldon was a nerdy kind of guy and said If you want a beer, I have a few in my cooler in the car. He said just don't tell anyone else.We walked to his car and I popped drank a few with him and as i started a third, he said I gotta piss. he didn't even walk.

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