Doc and Cyndi landed the pirate vessel next to the planetary authority's office after informing them that it was a seized pirate vessel, now owned by and Desirée O'Connor.Tom was negotiating with the planetary authority on ownership of the vessel. The peacekeepers stated that they needed to thoroughly inspect the vessel, before they could release it.When I said, "That won't be necessary. The vessel was seized during an act of piracy in open space. It is not subject to your planet's rules,. "Soon we were in Terry's bedroom, stripped naked and fucking. This man was a veritable fucking machine. I was transported to another planet, all the way to Venus and back and my orgasms were electric. Terry waited until I had my third orgasm before shooting his sperm inside me, the bedsheets were soaked. He rolled of and lay at the side of me and for the first time we could hear the noises coming from the back bedroom.Helen was yelling like a female banshee and the bed could be heard bouncing. ..."wouldn't it be nice if you had a Velcro cover or flap for easy access in public?" A few days later, a several failed experiments, I had constructed a pair of jeans with a removable pockets. I had cut the denim from behind my back pockets and Velcro'd them back on. This left some denim that ran down the crack of my ass wearing a thong. Still, I figured it could be easily shifted out of the way it gave my jeans a more tight fit. I cut out the inner lining of my front pockets. I told them I was pleased that they were happy with me as their husband.When we got home and got set back up, I decided that I would like to make our camp here more permanent. I talked to my wives and asked them what they thought would help us make a better, more permanent camp. "Let us think about it, Husband," Star said.I closed up the old latrine and dug a new one a bit farther away from the main camp. I began thinking about the weapons we carried and how they were so advanced beyond what.

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